Empowering Creativity

At The Mastering Art center we offer art lessons in a variety of media for children and teenagers

 Learn a new skill or advance one you already have

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Instilling a Love of Art

Whether its furthering a skill you already have or learning a brand new technique The Mastering Art Center is here for you. We offer classes in a variety of different materials and media so you can always explore something new

C U R R E N T    C L A S S E S

What's Happening Now?


Ocean Waves

This Summer we’ll be diving into Ocean Waves to learn how to paint all types of sea creatures. 


Desert Landscapes

Desert bluffs and cliffs might look simple, but there are a lot of little tricks that go into them. Come learn how to paint fantastic desert scenery

W H A T ‘ S    N E X T

Upcoming Classes


Art FUNdamentals

This Fall we’ll be going back to basics with our Art FUNdamentals class. Learn why colors interact the way they do and how to make lines do something extraordianry


Not So Spooky

Learn why monsters don’t have to be scary and why witches don’t need to be ugly. In this class everything we paint will be Not So Spooky