Art Supply Guide

Having trouble knowing what supplies to purchase? We’ve compiled a list of affordable, quality products that we ourselves have used and swear by.

Each one can be ordered and delivered online. Have anymore questions? Let us know by visiting our ‘Contact Us’ page



Amazon makes great and affordable art products under the name Arteza. This palette’s colors are bright and it comes with a little paintbrush to get you started. This palette is great and will last a long time.



Master’s Touch is one of my favorite brands, they’re always bright and last a long time. This palette has a nice variety of colors at a good price.


This paint set is not a palette but actual tubes of paint you can put into a palette of your own. This paint sets require less water, are some times easier to work with, and if you run out of one color its east to go to Hobby Lobby and buy another color.



This is my absolute favorite and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s easy to fold up and put away or take with you. There’s a wide variety of colors, and a small mixing tray underneath to make your own colors. This palette might feel a little pricey, but I’ve had my own for a year and a half and I’m barely though it.



I normally cut each paper in half so a pad of 30 pages will last me 60 art projects. It’s my favorite brand and really affordable.



Another great choice for watercolor paper. This is a 9×12 50-sheet pad, it will last you a really long time.



Awesome set of charcoal pencils, not too soft and not too hard either.



Great set of willow charcoal. Willow charcoal is best for drawing on BIG pieces of paper.



Kneadable erasers are amazing at removing charcoal, pencil, or chalk and oil pastels. They don’t leave little shavings everywhere and they last an incredibly long time.